Why I Give...

Everyone has a personal reason for giving to CPIC. We thought, during this time of giving, we would share with you why some of our donors choose CPIC.

“We have daughters, daughters-in-laws, granddaughters and great granddaughters. We give to CPIC because we believe in preventing breast cancer and we care about their futures.”
- Judy and Rance Howard

“I give to CPIC and its mission of cancer prevention because cancer has taken too much from me and too many of the people I love.”
- RobertMcLaughlin

“When my younger, fitter, health-conscious friend was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, it underscored how ferocious cancer is and that absolutely no one is immune.”
- Rita L.

“Cancer touches us all. And the work that CPIC does is vital in helping us learn how to prevent cancer. And it just feels good to give.”
- Terri Kwiatek