About Cancer Data

The Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry (GBACR) provides two types of cancer data : (1) statistical (grouped) data and (2) information on individuals.

Statistical data are in summary form, such as rates of cancer occurrence in different age groups. These types of data are often requested by scientists, the media, citizens, and health departments, and for inclusion in scientific research studies, proposals and publications, or for general information. They are also used to address reports of cancer concerns (or suspected cancer "clusters").

The GBACR maintains strict standards of confidentiality for its data. Names of cancer patients, health care practitioners, and care facilities are never revealed when we share results from statistical analyses.

For access to our statistical data and reports from the GBACR , please visit our Cancer Data and Statistics for the General Public page.

Individual patient data from the cancer registry may be used for more sophisticated studies of cancer causes, prevention, treatment and survival. To support the state legal mandate for cancer registration, the GBACR provides access to individual patient information that investigators need to conduct approved research studies. Strict requirements are in place to protect the privacy of potential study participants. Individual patient data are released only after requestors meet many strict requirements for confidential treatment of the data, set by state and federal law.

To see the requirements for requesting individual data for research purposes, please visit our Obtaining Data for Research page.

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