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Cancer Incidence Among Asians in the Greater Bay Area, 1990-2002

This special report presents information on cancer incidence trends for six non-Hispanic Asian ethnic subgroups: Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, and Vietnamese.

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Cancer Incidence in Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos in the United States and Asia, 1988-1992

This monograph presents information about cancer occurrence in Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos in the United States and Asia. It aims to provide a useful resource of cancer information for these three Asian populations to researchers, health care professionals, and the general public. The descriptions of specific cancers, their risk factors and their patterns of occurrence are designed to provide the reader with a concise and understandable overview of the patterns of cancer in Chinese, Japanese and Filipinos, the three largest Asian populations in Northern California.

Cancer Risk Factors and Screening Behavior in the Greater Bay Area: Data from the California Health interview Survey

A companion report to the Cancer Incidence and Mortality in the Greater Bay Area report.

Download the report, Companion report: Burden of Cancer in Years of Life Lost, here [LINK].

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