For Registrars

The Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) and the Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry (GBACR) are committed to accurate collection and analysis of cancer data submitted by the reporting facilities in our nine-county catchment area. An important part of that commitment is our strong support for the cancer registrars in our region’s community hospitals. As part of that support, GBACR sponsors three seminars a year for regional registrars.

The seminars provide participants with updates on all data and coding changes, information on new treatment and diagnostic modalities, training on new data collection and coding procedures, such as the Collaborative Data Collection Staging system and Multiple Primary/Histology rules. Coding exercises are often conducted on new changes or difficult areas to ensure consistency and accuracy. CPIC researchers also make presentations discussing their research projects and demonstrating the use of registry data and how important the data collected are to researchers’ work to prevent cancer. These informative seminars provide registrars an opportunity to earn continuing education credits required to maintain certification as a Certified Tumor Registry (CTR).
GBACR also purchases educational webinars from the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries and makes them available for registrars. These targeted and focused webinars assist registrars in increasing and sustaining the knowledge base required to collect and report consistent and accurate cancer data for use by the public health domain. The webinars and topics are available through GBACR’s web portal.

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