Grammy Award-Winning Singer Gets In Front

September 2012

Dear Get In Front Supporter,

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and, accordingly, we share with you below our recently released findings related to eating habits and prostate cancer risk. We also report on emerging cancer prevention research work at CPIC and give you an inside view of our ongoing critical work to track cancer in the population. We are excited to present to you, in this issue, a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter who has chosen to represent our Get In Front campaign, as well as a brand new opportunity for you to partner with us to empower prevention.

CPIC and Collaborators Find Frequently Consuming Pan-fried Meat Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

Researchers from CPIC and the University of Southern California (USC) have found that frequent eating of red meats cooked at high temperatures, especially pan-fried meat, may increase a man’s risk of developing advanced prostate cancer by as much as 40 percent. Researchers examined data from nearly 2,000 men who participated in the California Collaborative Prostate Cancer Study, a multiethnic, case-control study conducted by CPIC’s Esther John, Ph.D., and Sue Ingles, Dr.P.H., of USC. “Although prostate cancer is the leading cancer in men, epidemiologic studies have identified few risk factors,” says Dr. John. “Our study findings suggest there may be some easy modifications to the way we cook meat that can help reduce prostate cancer risk.”

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Grammy Award-Winning Michael McDonald is the Newest Voice of Get In Front

The push for prevention is spreading! The Get In Front campaign has attracted yet another spokesperson to its growing movement of people who refuse to simply wait for a cure, and this time it’s five-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and former member of The Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald. Michael knows the value of cancer prevention. His wife has faced the disease and now he’s motivated to ensure that others don’t have to, so he’s chosen to support the Get In Front campaign.

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The Pipeline: Using E-messaging to Reduce the Burden of Breast Cancer in Latinas

Two CPIC research studies and one major contract received grant funding in August. CPIC Research Scientist Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, Ph.D., is leading one of the studies, a new, community-based project aiming to increase Latina women’s survival of breast cancer. Latina women are more likely to be diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer and, even when diagnosed at the same stage, have a 20% lower survival rate than white women. Because follow up care after abnormal breast exams and early diagnosis and treatment are known to improve survival rates, Dr. Oakley-Girvan and collaborators will develop and test the effectiveness of an electronic messaging reminder system targeted to Latina women with abnormal mammogram results in order to encourage high-quality and timely follow-up care.

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Behind the Scenes: CPIC’s Data Engine is More than Just Numbers

One of CPIC’s most powerful assets is its Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry (GBACR), a major data resource for cancer researchers, and source of local cancer statistics. Cancer diagnoses are reportable by law in all 50 states. But gathering the information needed for accurate registration is not easy, especially when many hospitals still have paper medical charts. Meet Karen DeNave, Certified Tumor Registrar. Karen has been a member of CPIC’s Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry staff for over 25 years. The data management expertise of Karen and her fellow registrars plays a vital role in the nation’s cancer prevention and treatment efforts.

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Join CPIC in Celebrating 39 Years of Work to Advance Cancer Prevention

In honor of CPIC's 39th anniversary, we are launching “The 39 Years • $39,000 • 39 Days Campaign.” Help us celebrate by visiting our campaign page and partnering with us to make a cancer diagnosis a thing of the past. The first 39 people who make a donation to CPIC will have a chance to win a gift certificate for a two-night stay at the PlumpJack Squaw Valley Inn, located on the beautiful north shore of Lake Tahoe, just steps away from the legendary ski lifts of Squaw Valley USA. Since 1974, CPIC has been at work every day collecting data on cancer, producing far-reaching research findings and offering services that promote cancer prevention and support.

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