Health Hazards in Nail Salons and Urban Environments

May 2015 

The Toxic Trio: Lurking in Nail Salons

A recent investigative report in The New York Times focused attention on the poor working conditions and health hazards of nail salons. How do you know if your salon is safe?.

Geographic location is one of the strongest predictors of breast cancer incidence and rates tend to be highest in urban areas. Could the environment be to blame?

Hometown Hero Profile: Compassion and Commitment

"I don't think I could have found a better job because I get to change lives every day," said CPIC Community Education Director Pam Priest Naeve. For nearly 40 years, she has helped cancer patients understand their disease and make informed decisions about their healthcare.

National Cancer Survivors Day 2015

Sunday, June 7th is the day cancer survivors and supporters around the world gather to celebrate life and raise awareness of what it means to be a survivor. Find out what your community is doing or organize your own event.

Dr. Tina Clarke meets aspiring researchers 

A group of students from Burlingame High School had the opportunity to discuss their research interests with CPIC Scientist Tina Clarke. Dr. Clarke took time on a Saturday to talk with the students about breast cancer research and how they can prepare for a future career in cancer research or oncology.

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