Registration is now open for the breast cancer conference on March 19 – attend for only $20



Registration is now open for the 15th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference  

On Saturday, March 19th cancer specialists from leading medical institutions will discuss breast cancer treatment and related issues at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio San Francisco. The goal of the conference is to help patients, families, friends and health care providers to understand their options so that informed decisions about health and health care can be made.

Topics that will be addressed at the 15th Annual Allison Taylor Holbrooks/Barbara Jo Johnson Breast Cancer Conference: A Look At Where We Are Now – Moving Forward include breast cancer treatment, DCIS, sexuality and intimacy, side effect management, reconstructive surgery, triple negative breast cancer, lymphedema, managing emotions, and fitness and nutrition. Local and national information resources will also be available. More



How CPIC got in front of cancer in 2015

In 2015, the Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) took a huge leap forward on fulfilling our mission to prevent cancer and reduce its burden where it cannot yet be prevented. Take a look at some of our key research findings and highlights of our community impact. More


CPIC CEO Donna Randall shares her perspective on Biden’s “Moonshot” plan to cure cancer 

Vice President Joe Biden’s “Moonshot” plan to cure cancer, as President Obama stated in his final State of the Union address earlier this month, has resolved to "break down silos and bring all the cancer fighters together—to work together, share information, and end cancer as we know it.” More


Text messaging may improve abnormal mammogram follow-up

CPIC researchers Ingrid Oakley-Girvan and Sharon Watkins-Davis conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of using text messaging to follow-up with 29 Latina women who received abnormal mammogram test results. 

Thirteen women in the study received a text message within one day of receipt of results while the remaining 16 women received a text message four weeks later. The group that received a text message within a day returned for a follow-up visit within 23 days, while the other participants did not return for 59 days.

All the women in this study continued to receive usual care in addition to the text message. This simple, low-cost approach may reduce anxiety associated with an abnormal mammogram and for advanced cases may result in better treatment options for breast cancer. 


CPIC Board of Trustees welcomes a new chair and two new members 

CPIC Board of Trustee member Lou Weller assumed the role of chair earlier this month. Weller, who joined the board of trustees in 2010, succeeds Sam Bronfman II who will remain a trustee. Two new board members, Alan Lewis and Thomas T. Thomas, were also elected to the board of trustees.

Lewis has led a number of large and small biopharmaceutical research organizations, including oncology organizations. He is currently the president and CEO of Diavacs.

Thomas is a senior financial executive. Prior to starting his consulting business and his winery, he held leadership positions at Stupski Foundation, Genentech, Del Monte Foods and GE Capital Corporation.


Free book download available in 7 languages: Information For Patients Recently Diagnosed with Cancer

Communication is vital for patients, families, caregivers and health care providers during cancer treatment. With the many questions and issues that arise, individuals often feel overwhelmed.

To facilitate communication for patients, family members, caregivers and the medical team, CPIC developed “Information For Patients Recently Diagnosed with Cancer”.  

This 14-page mini-booklet offers space to record essential information including contact information for the members of the health care team, a list of medications, nutritional considerations, and more. The book, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Dari, and Farsi, can be downloaded from the CPIC website.

Community support and medical centers can contact the community education department to request printed copies of the book.


January is cervical cancer awareness month

Watch the video featuring CPIC researcher Tina Clarke to learn what you can do to prevent cervical cancer.

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