February is Cancer Prevention Month

February 2017

February is Cancer Prevention Month

To help you to reduce your cancer risk the Cancer Prevention Institute of California (CPIC) has teamed up with the American Institute for Cancer Research in observance of Cancer Prevention Month. Visit their website for a free 30-Day Can Prevent Checklist and more resources.

Seats are going fast for the 16th Annual Breast Cancer Conference on March 4

Over 200 survivors, their loved ones and cancer researchers will gather at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio, San Francisco next month for the 16th Annual CPIC Breast Cancer Conference: Current Breast Cancer Landscape in the Bay Area

Visit our website for the details including information on a new session to foster collaboration between researchers, community partners, advocates, and survivors. Registration rates for the conference start at $30. 

The California Breast Cancer Research Program is the exclusive Survivor Champion sponsor of this year’s conference. Stanford Cancer Institute is a Research sponsor. Supported by a grant from Genentech.

Visit our website to watch the video, to see the full speaker lineup or to register. Get the details.

Cancer rates declined during the Great Recession

A new study from CPIC, led by Scarlett Lin Gomez Ph.D., M.P.H., finds a link between declines in cancer cases and higher unemployment rates. Researchers found that the decline may be correlated to a reduction in preventative health behaviors as a result of the Great Recession, which lasted from December 2007 to June 2009. 

Incidence declines during the recession were seen most for prostate, colorectal and lung cancers, but associations with unemployment were seen for prostate, breast, liver, melanoma, and ovarian cancers. Read the press release.

A rare, behind-the-scenes look at a CPIC epidemiologist

This month we continue our behind-the-scenes look into the world of a CPIC epidemiologist. What do they do? How are they helping to stop cancer before it starts? Get to know Iona Cheng.

Why prevention is key to CBCRP - the most successful state-funded breast cancer research program in the country

The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP), the exclusive Survivor Champion sponsor of CPIC’s 16th Annual Breast Cancer Conference, was founded over 20 years ago when California breast cancer activists joined forces with scientists, healthcare professionals, and state legislators to win passage of legislation to fund breast cancer and education initiatives in the state. Learn more about the work of CBCRP and how far it has come to fulfill its mission to eliminate breast cancer in this interview.

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