CPIC Research Highlights

Our cancer prevention research impacts lives. Here's what our research studies have already shown:

Breast Cancer 

  • CPIC found that risk of breast cancer was lower for women engaging in more physical activity, such as walking and biking, doing household chores and yard work, and being active on the job.

Colorectal Cancer

    1. using lay health workers directly educating the community on the importance of screening.
    2. advertising about colorectal cancer screening.
CPIC found that the use of lay health workers worked best to improve the screening rate, proving that organized community involvement improves colorectal screening practices among Vietnamese-Americans in California. 

Endometrial Cancer 

  • Researchers found that adolescent obesity contributed to endometrial cancer risk, even among women who were at a normal weight as adults. However, women who were obese over a prolonged period were at greatest risk. Further, the taller the woman, the greater the risk associated with prolonged obesity.

Environmental Studies 

Lung Cancer

  • CPIC was the first to show definitively that among nonsmokers, women were more likely than men to have lung cancer. Until this paper was published, no hard data existed about the incidence of lung cancer in nonsmokers. This study has been cited extensively and has led to other research to understand the reasons why. 



Prostate Cancer

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