California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium

Principal Investigator:
Scarlett Lin Gomez, Ph.D., Esther M. John, Ph.D., Salma Shariff-Marco, Ph.D., Iona Cheng, Ph.D.
Anna Wu, Ph.D., Cheryl Vigen, Ph.D., Richard Spostos, Ph.D., and Kristine Monroe, Ph.D. (University of Southern California); Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D., and Yani Lu, Ph.D. (City of Hope National Medical Center); Marilyn Kwan, Ph.D., and Bette Caan, Ph.D. (Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research)
Funding Source:
California Breast Cancer Research Program
Funding Period:
Study Website:
Breast cancer survival varies among women from different racial/ethnic groups, even when comparing women diagnosed at similar stages of disease spread. The California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium is striving to understand a range of factors, including neighborhood characteristics, leading to racial/ethnic differences in stage-specific breast cancer survival.  It is taking the efficient approach of using information pooled together from previously collected for six California-based breast cancer studies.

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