Evaluation of Biosensor Technologies for More Proactive Health

Principal Investigator:
Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, Ph.D.
Oxana Palesh, Ph.D., Cheryl Koopman, Ph.D., and Cheryl Gore-Felton, Ph.D. (Stanford University)
Funding Source:
Vital Connect, Inc
Funding Period:
Study Website:

Improving the efficient, high-quality collection of interview data and biological specimens for epidemiologic studies is a critical need.  This study aims to address this issue through a NextGen non-invasive device invented by engineers and clinicians.  It will be the first step toward conducting clinical trials to test a non-invasive personal medical device that can capture patient measurements continuously.  This device will allow researchers and clinicians to not only capture data, but monitor patient health status in real time using a cloud-based application. The results will have broad applicability for cancer patients and across other disease sites, improve health outcomes, and reduce disparities and health care costs. This study is a collaboration of CPIC researchers, Stanford scientists and Vital Connect, Inc., a wearable biosensor company. 


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