Mobile Lung Cancer Screening Care for the Underserved

Principal Investigator:
Salma Shariff-Marco, Ph.D., Iona Cheng, Ph.D.
Viswam Nair, M.D., Ann Hsing, Ph.D., Ann Leung, M.D., Baldeep Singh, M.D.
Funding Source:
Stanford Cancer Institute, Genentech
Funding Period:
Study Website:

About 75% of people who develop lung cancer experience some symptoms before being diagnosed, which is often when they have reached an advanced, incurable stage. Lung cancer screening may help detect a patient’s tumor before symptoms occur and early detection may lead to better prognosis and increased survival. Low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) is a common method of screening and detecting lung cancer but currently there are limited data on the barriers to this potentially life-saving screening in especially underserved populations. This pilot study aims to examine patient and provider barriers to delivering appropriate screening for individuals at high risk of lung cancer via LDCT screening in community clinic settings.  Interested patients who are at risk for developing lung cancer will be offered LDCT screening through a pilot mobile imaging program. This pilot study will help identify specific barriers to uptake and effective delivery in underserved populations, and will provide critical data needed to help expand initiatives to facilitate uptake of LDCT screening and reduce the burden of lung cancer.


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