Neighborhoods, Obesity, and their Joint Impact on Breast, Colorectal, and Prostate Cancer Risk

Principal Investigator:
Iona Cheng, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator), Scarlett Lin Gomez, Ph.D., Christina A. Clarke, Ph.D., Salma Shariff-Marco, Ph.D.
Brian Henderson, M.D., Kristine Monroe, Ph.D., and Myles Cockburn, Ph.D. (University of Southern California); Lynne Wilkens, Ph.D. (University of Hawaii)
Funding Source:
National Cancer Institute
Funding Period:
Study Website:
This project investigates the contribution of neighborhood, lifestyle, and genetic factors related to obesity in relation to breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer risk in the Multiethnic Cohort. Neighborhoods of over 110,000 study participants in California will be assessed for characteristics such as accessibility to supermarkets and groceries, proximity to recreational facilities, and walkability. Such neighborhood factors will be examined in conjunction with health behaviors such as obesity, diet, physical activity, as well as genetic susceptibility to obesity, for their independent and joint impact on risk of developing cancer.

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