Pathways – Prospective Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship

Principal Investigator:
Scarlett Lin Gomez, Ph.D., Peggy Reynolds, Ph.D., Salma Shariff-Marco, Ph.D.
Lawrence Kushi, Sc.D., and Marilyn Kwan, Ph.D. (Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research)
Funding Source:
National Cancer Institute
Funding Period:
Study Website:
Pathways is a prospective study of breast cancer survivorship among a cohort of breast cancer patients who are Kaiser Permanente Northern California members, being led by researchers at Kaiser Permanente. CPIC’s role includes collaborating with Kaiser Permanente to expand the data included in the cohort to encompass measures of the social and built environment.  Next steps will include assessing the importance of these factors in improving breast cancer survivorship.

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