Social Disparities in NICU Care

Principal Investigator:
Salma Shariff-Marco, Ph.D., Scarlett Lin Gomez, Ph.D.
Jochen Profit, M.D. (Stanford), Jeffrey Gould, M.D. (Stanford), Suzan Carmichael, Ph.D. (Stanford); Amy Padula, Ph.D. (UCSF)
Funding Source:
National Institute of Health
Funding Period:
Study Website:

In this study, we are linking the California Neighborhoods Data System (e.g., social and built environment) to data from the California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative including detailed maternal-infant clinical (e.g., gestational age, sex), hospital (e.g., level of care, nurse staffing), sociodemographic factors (e.g., race/ethnicity, education) to assess the multilevel factors associated with NICU quality.  Through the aims of the study, we will conduct an epidemiological characterization (Aim 1), policy translation (Aim 2), and qualitative inquest (Aim 3) into the multi-level factors that affect NICU quality. We expect our mixed-methods research to have an immediate positive impact as it is designed to identify pragmatic areas where NICUs and neighborhoods can reduce disparities.


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