Our Scientists

Esther M. John, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

E-mail Esther.John@CPIC.org
Director of Research, Cancer Prevention Institute of California
Consulting Professor, Division of Epidemiology, Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine
Co-Leader, Population Sciences Program, Stanford Cancer Institute

Research Interests

  • Breast cancer:  subtypes, causes and outcomes
  • Contralateral breast cancer: causes
  • Prostate cancer:  causes and outcomes
  • Cancer disparities:  Hispanics and African Americans
  • Modifiable lifestyle factors:  obesity, physical activity, and diet
  • Early-life factors:  pubertal development, lifestyle factors, hormones
  • Genetic susceptibility

Research Programs and Studies

Research Publications

John EM, Terry MBT, Keegan TMH, Bradbury AR,  Knight JA, Chung WK, Frost CJ, Lilge, L, Patrick-Miller L, Schwartz LA, Whittemore AS, Buys SS, Daly MB, Andrulis IA. The LEGACY Girls Study: Growth and development in the context of breast cancer family history. Epidemiology 2016;27(3):438-48.

Fejerman L, Stern MC, John EM, Torres-Mejia G, Hines LM, Wolff RK, Baumgartner KB, Giuliano AR, Ziv E, Pérez-Stable EJ, Slattery ML. Interaction between Common Breast Cancer Susceptibility Variants, Genetic Ancestry, and Nongenetic Risk Factors in Hispanic Women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2015; 24(11):1731-8.

Terry MB, Phillips KA, Daly MB, John EM, Andrulis IL, Buys SS, Goldgar DE, Knight JA, Whittemore AS, Chung WK, Apicella C, Hopper JL. Cohort Profile: The Breast Cancer Prospective Family Study Cohort (ProF-SC). Int J Epidemiol  2015 Jul 13 [Epub ahead of print].

Sisti JS, Bernstein JL, Lynchh CF, Reiner AS, Mellemkjaer L, Brooks JD, Knight JA, Bernstein L, Woods M, Liang X, John EM, WECARE Collaborative Group. Reproductive factors, tumor estrogen receptor status and contralateral breast cancer risk: Results from the WECARE Study. Springerplus 2015; 4:825.

Bandera EV, Maskarinec G, Romieu I, John EM. Racial and ethnic disparities in the impact of obesity on breast cancer risk and survival:  A global perspective. Adv Nutrition 2015;6(6):803-19.



University of Fribourg

D.E.S., 1980

Secondary Education

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.A., 1986


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.S.P.H., 1987


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ph.D., 1990


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